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Unity Eco Village

Who We Are

Unity Eco Village is an environmental based non-profitable social organization. Nepal being an under developed country, is in developing phase where the secondary needs are just being approached with haphazard Industrialization, urbanization and unmanaged wastage disposal systems creating a mess such as mass carbon production, pollution, waste chemical production and deforestation for the nature.

Established in 2015 A.D, Unity Eco Village is the first N.G.O in Kaski which is fully aware and acting about the plastic, pollution created by plastics and its effect on biodiversity which is destroying marine life as well as our respiratory functioning, atmosphere and its hand on global warming and climate change.

Our head office is situated at Ghaderi Eco Village 23 – Deurali Chapakot, Kaski. Unity Eco-village aims to create a clean, healthy, futuristic and sustainable living for all living being by acting against the major/minor problems related to environmental degradation (i.e: plastic pollution and global warming) which has been marked as one of the main reason for the destruction of ecosystem, rise in temperature, wildlife extinction, as well as variety of air and water borne disease for human, wildlife and all living beings in earth.

Likewise, afforestation program  are frequently held where we plant variety of fruit plants and herbs (depending upon: vegetation, landscape, topography, in public forest, as well as flood and landslide endangered  zones, for both human as well as wild life to sustain and fight the effects of global warming and climate change.

In the future we wish to have nationwide projects. However, our second phase project will be in Jyagdi Eco-Village, Syanga and Ruma Eco-Vilage, Myagdi.


We aspire to create a self-sustainable, futuristic, proper waste and recycle managed system village where the food shall still be organic. All the waste plastics will be collected (i.e: via, home and public) after recycled by the organization and use it to build more recycled plastics community, make useful recycled items, make eco-bricks etc.


Our mission is to not let any waste out on the environment (Especially plastic, toxic waste and non-degradable materials in water resources) and create a clean and healthy environment for all beings on earth.

Ghaderi Eco Village

Ghaderi Eco Village is a model village of the Unity Eco Village nestled in the hills overlooking Pokhara, bearing constant witness to the magnificent Annapurna range. It is a cozy village where locals grow their own organic food and live a happy life. It is a piece of heaven.

Upon that ready heaven there is further ambition to cultivate a culture where much more than farming is seen. What the local life can teach is much, yet children brought up in these villages still yearn for the adventures of the city and so the youth more often than not leave in search for another type of heaven. One that invariably does not exist.

The goal of Ghaderi Eco Village is to bring awareness to the world of the heaven that exists in these rural communities and invite people to experience this first hand. Also, we desire to rejuvenate the local scene by sharing ideas and knowledge from all over the world.

Thus, we have permaculture meeting with local culture, western traditional music meeting with local traditional music, and the convergence of other arts and philosophies such as yoga, meditation, reiki, massage etc. 

Thus, we have permaculture meeting with local culture, western traditional music meeting with local traditional music, and the convergence of other arts and philosophies such as yoga, meditation, reiki, massage etc. 

What is being created is the future. A merger of east and west, new and old, earth and spirit respectively. We aim to build a school nearby which hosts local children and children visiting from all around the world, so that knowledge and love may be shared.

We aim to establish a research center, recycle center, farm house, nursery and many other projects where we will invite teachers to teach various knowledge from all fields of esoteric disciplines. We are working blood, sweat and tears to create a pollution free environment where the Eco Village will be not taking a part at all in contemporary pollution issues such as marine pollution, global warming and climate change.

We are also planning to create a music studio so that musicians from all around the world are attracted to come and enjoy the perfect place to create music of all types and so that locals may produce sounds the world may also hear.

Ghaderi Eco Village is therefore not an isolated experiment but the creation of future upon what has been preserved so well from ages. The locals are happy to see new colors, and visitors are happy to experience the hospitality of the locals and the sheer beauty of the place.

We invite you to join us in our growth, in our uniting, in our sharing and creating of what must surely be an example for humanity. In these times it is essential to retrace our steps and apply natural wisdom in our future culture on Planet Earth. Where that respect for nature is let us maintain it, and from whose hearts that respect lies, let it be shared.

 We will host different kinds of gatherings here and hope to see you one day, sharing what you know and learning what you may not. In unity we thus grow and enjoy abundantly in this heaven in the hills.

Become a Volunteer

Those who believe in sustainable living with harmony and nature in all its form, come and be the part of the community. As a community we listen to each other’s art, learn from each other, and grow together & contribute our bit for a world with peace, joy & compassion.

Our Team

Ramesh Chandra Giri


Sushila Bhujel

Vice Chairperson

Bamendra Pun


Sanjita Paudel

Vice Secretary

Sagar Giri


Raju Lama


Srijana Paudel Rimal


Chandra Prakash Gautam


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