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Our Projects


Maccha shakti

 Maccha shakti is a project launched by Unity Eco-Village against the plastic pollution in water resources where we do various plastic clean-up programs around the water resources than collect them and recycle it.

We have already built a washroom made from recycled plastic bottles in Ghaderi Eco-Village. To not let plastic out on the environment we buy eco-bricks (i.e: plastic bottle stuffed with plastic waste created by daily used items in home.) from local peoples and are planning to keep separate dustbins for plastic and other waste around the eco-village and for the resident of Ghaderi Eco Village which will be later collected and recycled by the Unity Eco-Village.

Giving hope

 Giving hope is a small project that we frequently organize in different schools where the students are given knowledge about the causes and effects caused by plastic pollution and global warming and teach them more about creative free writing.

To motivate and inspire them various teaching-learning materials such as notebooks, pen and pencils, books, etc are provided to either school or directly to the students.

Sharing food

 In the current situation of urbanization ‘sharing food’ is a project that emphasis on the need of food for humans, animals as well as plants. We plan to plant fruit trees and herbs in areas where there is less plants and food.

With this project we are planning to reform the disaster food cycle of ecosystem and flourish it back to life. This project will not only help living being by providing food and life to living things but also assist to fight against global warming by diminishing the health affecting greenhouse gases.

Awareness programs

 Various programs such as Eco- Gathering, Green gathering, Green Walk (village cleaning programs), cleaning lake, cleaning rivers, street acts, one to one interaction, interaction with community, interaction with students, interaction with media, programs in schools and organizations, etc. is organized by Unity Eco-Village to bring the awareness of our projects and mess happening around to the local level.

Farming opportunities

 We organize classes on pharmaculture courses for peoples who are interested on learning ways to do productive and organic farming. We provide land on lease to any people around the globe who want to do farming in any of the eco-village or want to be affiliated with Unity Eco-Village Farm.

Tree house

 In seek of sustainable living we are trying to build tree houses in the eco-villages where peoples can come and live in the trees synchronizing with the nature. Peoples with knowledge of building tree house are hearty welcome.

Study and research of herbs and environment

 As we believe in environment, we are seeking for natural remedies for diseases as well as sickness in nature. We already are collecting, experimenting, and doing research on local as well as wild herbs and plants which has been used traditionally since ages from generation to generations to testify and prove it scientifically.


Alchemistic is a sub experimental project of eco-village where students of multiple disciplines from engineering along with experienced ones seeking for sustainable source of energy and produce eco-friendly gadgets.

Become a Volunteer

Those who believe in sustainable living with harmony and nature in all its form, come and be the part of the community. As a community we listen to each other’s art, learn from each other, and grow together & contribute our bit for a world with peace, joy & compassion.

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