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Unity Eco Village

Unity Eco Village

Unity Eco Village is an environmental based non-profitable social organization. Nepal being an under developed country, is in developing phase where the secondary needs are just being approached with haphazard Industrialization, urbanization and unmanaged wastage disposal systems creating a mess such as mass carbon production, pollution, waste chemical production and deforestation for the nature.

What We Do

Eco Village Farm and Nursery

Eco Village Farm and nursery is an experimental food academy where we bring together both traditional and contemporary ways of organic agriculture. Time to time agricultural classes such as pharmaculture, seasonal farming, fertilizer research, etc. are organized by the farm to share knowledge of organic farming and sustainability of food.

Eco Village Research and Study Center

Eco-Village Research and study center is a station where we do research and study over environment and the elements in it where we test the properties, usage and sustainability of the products of wild. Variety of classes is held upon environment, mycelium, herbs, wild food, etc.

Eco Village Recycle Station

Eco Village Recycle Station is the place where we collect and recycle the waste from the Eco-Village and venues where we have kept our dustbins, trying to transform it back into something usable products.

"Let's create a clean and healthy environment for all beings on earth.!

Eco-Tour and Trek

Eco Tour and Trek is part of the organization where professional guides with license trek with peoples who want to do short hike or long trek around Eco-Villages or any part of Nepal.We also organize trek to some hidden hinterlands which amuses any being with its beauty and elegance.Ticket for bus or planes can as well be booked from here. Any queries about Trekking around Nepal including adventure sports such as Rafting, Paragliding, Bungee, Mountain biking, etc. can be organized from here.

Eco-village Community

Eco village Community is the community formed by the peoples living in eco village where all the villagers are part of the community. The Community member works together for upliftment of the community.

Community Gatherings

To share the awareness, knowledge and enlarge our community we organize gathering where many people from all around the globe gather and share knowledge which benefits us all.

Become a Volunteer

Those who believe in sustainable living with harmony and nature in all its form, come and be the part of the community. As a community we listen to each other’s art, learn from each other, and grow together & contribute our bit for a world with peace, joy & compassion.

Our Supporters Say

Cecilia Diab

Beautiful and creative place for me to make a contribution to build a Eco lifestyle and organic culture around Nepalese Mountains practical and eco village lifestyle culture community to help in relief pain of people who are really interested in Eco lifestyle and organic culture around Nepalese Mountains.

Vishnu Grg

I think it is indeed a unity and the best place for building a dream. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the crew members and I found big enthusiasm and clear and bright ideas and plans. So for that I think all you think of is possible up in the Eco village 🙂 wish you well and hope to join you real soon.

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